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With changing times, where human resources are diminishing, we are happily available for your projects in lighting or urban farming.

Whether we are working on your projects as freelancers or project developer, is in your hands. We would like to provide advice for your projects.

Project: Smart Farming 4.0: Smart Agriculture Greenhouse System

Edge Computing goes to horticulture

In the change of times, electronics are becoming more and more important in horticulture. The business is facing enormous changes through cloud computing and neural networks. We were able to quickly complete a project in the fields of controllers, sensors and cloud connection in cooperation with the companies ARROW, Cezos, Codestrike, Geniatech, Greenwave and Siemens.

  • Numerous sensors collect so many data every day, that we are not able to properly analyze them due to missing data models. We are currently saving the data and analyzing only a small bit of them.
  • In the project we calculate sunlight and artificial light with the help of sensors, weather data and models for each plant.
  • It is very important for research and quality control purposes to collect and save the data, but it is not necessary to store everything in the cloud.
  • To keep the data flow small, the data get evaluated with machine-learning-algorithms. The decision to pass the information on is also made here. This means the data stay in the greenhouse or indoor-farm.